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Or you could just use real pennies…

… And save $2.49

Saved: $3.49


Oh walmart, you vixen


Savings: $877.48

Did you know they sold tiki bars? Neither did I. Lucky for me (and by “me” I actually mean Michael) right now I have no where to put one.

But we will have a pool soon (albeit shared with the rest of the tenants of our apartment complex.). I bet I’d make friends real quick like if I brought one of these bad boys to the yard…


Is no one else ever tempted?

When you travel to countries with more lax pharmaceutical laws about what you can buy OTC, are you ever tempted? I mean there is absolutely NO DOUBT that I would have tried it when I was 19 but now I just think about it. Maturity? Is that good or bad?


Savings: I didn’t ask but let’s just say one million pesos



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Shaggy DA

This reminded me of those Shaggy DA movies from the 70s. It’s made out of newspaper and I wanted it bad. But not $145 bad. On the plus side, I have found the store wherein I will be able to always find that perfect gift for my BFF because this place was loaded with crap she would crap her pants for. So, kind of a score.


Savings: $145. Not so sure about future savings now that I know this store exists though.


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