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“That’s a bubble nobody wants.” – my kid

saved: $3.97

Even four year olds know better than this.


Or you could just use real pennies…

… And save $2.49

Saved: $3.49

 Big trouble in toys r us. 

Kurt. Russel. Action. Figure.

Mullet and all.

This is 2015.  

Savings: $6.95 (and a whole lotta splainin to Nico why he can’t play with my toys)

Grocery store toy departments are a little “different” in Texas

Don’t think you’d see this in California. Nope, sure don’t. Well, maybe in 1976.

Saved: the cost of replacing an child's eyeball (not sure what that's going for these days)

Saved: the cost of replacing an child’s eyeball (not sure what that’s going for these days)