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Do not Google the meaning of this. Also, do not spend $2.99 on this and wear it. Please.


Saved: $2.99


Boss lady.

I don’t know if I’ll ever need a “business lady work type dress” again but I still get attracted to them when I see them (while thrifting).  I didn’t try this on because that would be silly but I’m just going to imagine myself rocking this if I ever did.  I had to take pictures of it though because I just LOVE the design of this and I think someday I might totally knock one out myself – if said need should ever occur and I have approximately 2 months before that need is actualized.  See?  Taking pictures instead of buying stuff is therapy, and it’s working.


Saved: $10.99 and room in my closet for things I’ll never wear.  Even though I would totally wear it like a boss.


But look at that cool exposed zipper, right? I’d rock this, right?


Missing Nellie 

Because I so would have made you try on this disco jumpsuit.

For your next politically incorrect costume party

Might I suggest “sexy border guard”.

I regret this

I’m proud of myself for passing on this Goodwill auction, but I sort of regret it too. Look at that shade of red. Some happy crafter is gloating over her find at this very moment, I’m sure. Still, if it means I don’t have to get a job, I’ll keep on whistling past the graveyard.  

Savings: unknown

I bought it.

I had to have it.


Of course, it will be added to my collection of T-shirts I am too embarrassed to wear, along with the one with “Itty Bitty Titty Committee” on it.

UPDATE:  I bought this a year ago and have still never worn it.  I’m waiting for the right occasion… like when I actually AM a GILF.

What can anyone even say?

I got nothin’.


Saved: $5-

This is a skirt. Skirts are supposed to cover your ass


Saved: $2.99

This skirt is 8″ long. My ass is longer than that. How is this going to work?

One final booze-related post tonight

FREE!  x 2!!! Thanks Lanchi and Chris!!

FREE! x 2!!! Thanks Lanchi and Chris!! (And yes, that is a green silly putty egg on the floor at my office. I can’t hide it.)

I just have to shout out to Lanchi for bringing me not one, but TWO wine openers yesterday. Her husband works in the wine business and gets these free, which is great because I have managed to lose ALL of mine.

And this is a problem. Especially when you go thrifting with your friend Lanchi and all you really want to do afterwards is go have a glass of wine at the wine bar across the street and they are closed for the holiday even though the holiday isn’t until TOMORROW!!! And there is no other decent place for a glass of wine in your neighborhood so you go home and try to open a bottle and it WON’T OPEN!!! So you try your Brookstone air-blower/poker/wine-opener thingie but you’ve already put a hole in the cork and now that thing is useless, not to mention dangerous. And you’re a mom of a small boy toddler who has one good night off a week (and one of you has TWO small boys) and you’re about ready to break that thing off on the counter when you suddenly feel a surge of super-human, bionic-ish strength and that fucker finally comes out. Ahhhh…

Where was I? Oh, problems. Yes, I clearly have them. But the wine opener disappearance thing was especially troubling because, as my husband wrote back to me after I jubilantly messaged him this picture of the new one she gave me, “I think that’s funny in the milieu of the last few weeks. Super achievers: check. Capable of keeping at least one good wine opener in house: fail.” (Disclaimer: he’s speaking about himself as a super achiever, though. I am grateful he shares his credentials with me but I’m just pretty much a normal achiever.) But it seems like it would be pretty easy to just keep at least ONE wine opener in the house, considering how many I’ve actually owned in my life and now can no longer locate which is a lot.

So, Lanchi, I thank you again.  Both for your thoughtfulness and for sticking with me when that bottle wouldn’t open.