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Still sick

If I was fully healed, recovered, whatever, from my acquisitional addiction, I would publish the link to the place where I found this sofa so someone else could score it. I tried to get my cousin Nellie to buy it just to keep it in the family but she just bought a gold sofa and so, like a sane person, did not rush down to the store and haul it home.

No, it’s not Craigslist. And, I’m not telling you what it is. Because I need therapy. More, obviously than this blog is giving me for a number of reasons.

1. Who has time to blog? Seriously. When do people who blog have time to work, or bathe themselves, or exercise, or sleep, or spend quality time with their children, or eat, or clean, or get it on, or hang out with friends, or do laundry, or put the laundry away, or take out the trash?? Seriously, please tell me your secrets because I don’t get it. I hear about people who watch TV every night and it freakin’ blows my mind. You just simply must not sleep. I can’t think of any other way to get all that done… and then blog. So, if I thought blogging was going to be therapy, I guess I forgot to include that it was going to take up my time and I treat my time like an “all you can stuff in a bag for a dollar” sale at my favorite thrift shop. Bitch, don’t be messing with my time.

2. I am NOT EVEN GOING TO BUY THIS SOFA. I have three sofas. So, why would I even look at a sofa. I don’t fucking know, I’m not a psychiatrist.

3. Shit, I forgot the other reason(s).

Well, I didn’t buy it.

Savings: $225 plus (probably) countless dollars spent on a marriage counselor if I’d bought this and tried to justify it to Michael.

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