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Oh walmart, you vixen


Savings: $877.48

Did you know they sold tiki bars? Neither did I. Lucky for me (and by “me” I actually mean Michael) right now I have no where to put one.

But we will have a pool soon (albeit shared with the rest of the tenants of our apartment complex.). I bet I’d make friends real quick like if I brought one of these bad boys to the yard…



Is the Circus in Town?

How is it NOT against the law to sell something for $200 that makes you look like a clown.  Note: I am not a professional clown.

Who are these “Gucci” people anyway???  Shouldn’t they be jailed and possibly tortured for all the harm they may have done???

Savings: $178.13

Savings: $178.13

And yes, I failed twice to use the webcam to get this lovely and attractive photo of myself for use in bying frames which, yes, I fear I will be buying soon as my left eye is utterly useless.  Good times.

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Oh no you di-uhnT!!!

Okay, first I want to say that I’m really just saying all this in jest. I recognize that this is a “first world problem” and I have ABSOLUTELY NOTHING in my life to complain about. I’m full of gratitude for all that I have.

That said, I broke my French press this week. Did I mention I have a two year old toddler living with me? So, needless to say, coffee *helps*.

So, I ordered a replacement carafe. Problem solved.

Until I checked my order status and saw this:

Savings, after cancelling: $14.18.  Minus what I paid for the more expensive one + Saturday delivery $24.98 so NEGATIVE SAVINGS of $10.80 (because I couldn't NOT replace it) plus 3 days of overpriced coffee at local cafes $2.25 x 3 = $6.75.  So, total loss is $17.55.  No, that math makes no sense. Ignore that.

Savings, after cancelling: $14.18. Minus what I paid for the more expensive one + Saturday delivery $24.98 so NEGATIVE SAVINGS of $10.80 (because I couldn’t NOT replace it) plus 3 days of overpriced coffee at local cafes $2.25 x 3 = $6.75. So, total loss is $17.55. No, that math makes no sense. Ignore that.

Are you “middle aged”? Take this test and find out.

Do you remember “The Six Million Dollar Man” and its spin-off show, “The Bionic Woman”? If so, ding ding!!! You win! You are middle aged!!!

Personally, I liked the Bionic Woman better because, a. She was a woman, and b. Her name was “Jamie Summers”. I am not sure why, but I thought that name was BRILLIANT as a young lass. And that was enough for me.

Anyway, many TV shows in the 70s liked to, occasionally, do a “special” and “merge” between two related shows. I’m not sure if I’m using the right “TV” terms or if I’m using enough “quote marks.” Whatever. But, the Bionic Woman and Six Million Dollar (also, bionic, duh) Man had a “special” show featuring none other than the legendary Andre The Giant, done up all hirsute-like… and there he is “Sasquatch”. Yes, ATG is in the hizzouse. (Okay, nothing is more sad than a middle aged woman trying to channel Snoop Dog. NOTHING.)

Anyhooo… if you want to watch the single most horrible bit of 70s television acting (outside of Fonzi waterskiing over a shark, thus coining the phrase, “jumping the shark” to signify (according to Wikipedia) “the moment in the evolution of a television show when it begins a decline in quality that is beyond recovery”) watch this. I think the 6MD-Man and the B-Woman definitely jumped the shark here (actually, the B-Woman JUMPS the Sasquatch, for reals!). Andre, on the other hand, was just being himself.:

Which brings me to my point…

THIS exists.

Savings: $37.99

Savings: $37.99

And you better believe it requires ALL my powers of reason, maturity, sensibility, and restraint NOT to buy this.

I am awesome.

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The problem with pandas

Is that the biggest size the stretched canvas version of this delightful piece of art comes in is 13″ x 13″.  Come ON!!!  If you’re going to buy this to hang on the wall it needs to be quadruple that size, at LEAST.  Please.


Savings: $80

Savings: $80


But the picture is a link to it if you want it.  Knock yourself out.



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Get yourself a nice cup of tea and sit down somewhere comfortable

If you plan to actually read through this entire post which is huge.

Sometimes I just wish I could have an art gallery so I could always have art to look at that I love. And I also wish I had enough walls in my house for the art that is stashed all over here and there that I don’t have room to hang. And that is why it’s crazy when I even think of buying more. But I can’t help it, I love art.

One of my favorite places to go and ogle wonderful, and affordable I might add, pieces of art is Society6. And, it must be disclosed that I DID just buy a piece for the office remodel which will be the first thing you see when you come in the room, which I think is very appropriate:


BUT!!! I will HAVE YOU KNOW. I did NOT buy $500 worth of OTHER art that I love that all can be had at and makes a great 4th of July, Labor Day, or Columbus Day gift for that special art lover in your life.

I pretended I was arranging them and hanging them on walls in my house by how they are displayed below. I just can’t get over how much I love some of them (Super Morrissey!!!) and some are just ones I really like a lot.

Welcome, to Teresa’s Art Gallery of Art She Doesn’t Own:

These are just simple sayings that I like, especially the first one. They would be perfect on the wall of a serene white bathroom – something I don’t have.

SALT WATER CURE by Tina Crespo

MAPS by Tina Crespo

Good Lord, this is supremely awesome. They have another one with Robert Smith of The Cure as Plastic Man but Morrissey was the man I loved in the 80s. I always wanted to fix Robert Smith’s lipstick. If Morrissey wore lipstick, he would have gotten it on perfectly.

The first one just makes me laugh. Maybe they don’t go together because the second one I had to think about for a bit. It’s a little dark unless you think there’s something below that they will land safely on, which I don’t. I like things that make you think, and laugh.

ONWARD! by Jay Fleck

I IS FOR IMPALA by Yetiland

Can you picture these three, Grumpy Cat, Gibbon, and Bowie as a triptych. I sure can and it makes me supremely happy.

GRUMPY SAILOR by dogooder

These two just say to me, “PLAY”.

WHALE BALLOONS by William McDonald

The three of these together have a great symmetry and color. These would be great in the beach house I don’t have.



BEACH UMBRELLA by elle moss

You can’t have enough bike art.

BIKE PORTRAIT 3 by allanpeters

Obsessive art – balanced by poetry. I love it.

CIRCLE – SEMI CIRCLES by Trashdesign

THERE IS A LIGHT by Nan Lawson

Because I need more squirrels in my house, amirite?

Something about these two together makes me smile.



Same with these two. (Def. a graphic/type nerd thing.)

THE VOYAGE by Danny Haas

Couples of fiction I love.

MOONRISE KINGDOM by Roland the Illustrator


I LIKE YOU MAUDE by Nan Lawson

Savings: Something like $500

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Cats *love* it


Savings: $6.45


I wish I got this. Because then I’d get this.


Savings: $29.99 plus $14.99 for the two year replacement plan (because, yeah, SkyMall, clocks break down all the time.)


Nothing from this site

My friend Nir recently got a cat. Nir used to tease me about being a “crazy cat lady”. And yeah, well, he was kinda right…

…but I knew the day would come for him… He tends to obsess on things. Which is one thing I like about him, frankly. (Who needs stable friends??? I say bring on the unstable ones! So much more interesting.)

So, he finally got a cat. A very cute kitten named “Alpha” who pretty much owns him now. Witness: I got this from him recently (the annotations in red are just what I sent back to him):

And you know what? So far, I have NOT even followed the link. Seriously. Because I think that it’s not stuff for your cat’s hair or clothes for your cat – which, admittedly, I’d probably at least LOOK at. No, I think this is actually stuff MADE from cat hair. And that’s gross. Amiright?

Ha! My friend. So who is the crazy cat lady now???

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That’s what they are for…

I saw this:

I know what you’re thinking. Why are you even LOOKING at ebay? Well, there’s this server here at work and whenever I send things to it, it just takes so long and I need something to do while I’m waiting… (blah blah blah). That’s my excuse and I’m stickin’ with it.

But isn’t it lovely? Should I? Should I?

I know, I’ll ask Stacey. She’s a voice of reason. She KNOWS things.

So I asked…


As you can see, she clearly thinks I should and will back me up when it shows up on my doorstep. So, I put in a bid.

For the record, I was outbid. By one penny. So, it qualifies for a blog post, right?

Savings: $30.45

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