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What can anyone even say?

I got nothin’.


Saved: $5-


I hope these are for in your purse and not… oh good lord

You know you have a problem when… you buy these.

Savings: $12.00, a trip to Betty Ford

Savings: $12.00, a trip to Betty Ford


The problem with pandas

Is that the biggest size the stretched canvas version of this delightful piece of art comes in is 13″ x 13″.  Come ON!!!  If you’re going to buy this to hang on the wall it needs to be quadruple that size, at LEAST.  Please.


Savings: $80

Savings: $80


But the picture is a link to it if you want it.  Knock yourself out.



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Good Morning, Office Depot!

I had a dream last night that I was on a date with Robin Williams and we were shopping for envelopes. I was really happy to wake up and not find any envelopes laying around.


Savings: Priceless