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I didn’t have to buy you!

Because I can borrow you for free. I love libraries! 

Savings: yes


I’m going to post some pictures today of what I didn’t buy since that IS the title of this blog.  I won’t lie to you, I bought some stuff.  However, I will add that MOST of what I bought, and by MOST I mean 2 of the 5 things I bought today, were things I intended to buy anyway and just got lucky and found them at yard/estate sales instead of paying full price.  Those were:

  1. A plant for our home office which I’m in the process of re-doing and had JUST mentioned this morning to Michael that it needed a plant.  Whoah, ho, what do we have here???  A very healthy ficus tree?  For only $10???  I’ll take it.  (Some bitch sniped the gorgeous platycerium I wanted too.  I coulda slapped her.  But I didn’t.  See?  Mature.)

    $10 for this lovely.  Ignore the messy desk, please.

    $10 for this lovely. Ignore the messy desk, please.

  2. Some black framed picture frames to put some family photos in and hang in the office.  Did I mention we have close to ZERO family photos on the walls of our house?  Sure, there are lots of photos of people on the walls of my house – I just don’t know who they are.

    7 frames for $10.  Tell me that's not a good deal, I dare you.

    7 frames for $10. Tell me that’s not a good deal, I dare you.

And I bought a 50 cent toy tow truck for Nico and two other things which we’ll discuss later.

So, that means that 11 things need to go.  The HARD way.  Yes, we’re talking “FREE” box on the sidewalk.

Getting rid of stuff for me can be a little hard.  I have found and subscribe to a few “minimalist” blogs lately, but inevitably, I get too frustrated  by their success and my failure at it, I usuallyend up over on Pinterest, cyber hoarding.  Occasionally, I get very inspired, but it often fails to materialize into more living space and less things to bang into and add to my growing bruise collection.   So, desperation is creeping in.

Much like Dante talked of the 9 circles of Hell, I find there are approximately the same number of layers to the purge cake.

Circle One:  Sell something… for more than you paid for it!!! Whenever I do this, I feel like such a PLAYAH!  This is purging nirvana.

Circle Two: Sell it for what it’s currently worth after you’ve used it for however long you’ve used it.  Really, this is the most fair so it’s pretty high up there because you get to feel good about it too.

Circle Three:  Just get something for it, it’s not great, but not a total loss.  Or sell it on eBay, which is annoying no matter how much you get for it.

Circle Four:  You need to get a gift for someone and you happen to have this thing you don’t want but they will love it. Two problems solved!  In a way, this could possibly be better than Level Three and may need to be promoted.

Circle Five:  You give it to someone you know who wants it

Circle Six:  You post it for free on Craigslist and someone wants it and, after exchanging multiple emails, finally makes it to your house to pick it up.

Circle Seven:  You stick it in your car and drop it at the Goodwill when you finally go by it after 3 weeks.

Circle Eight:  You put it out on the sidewalk with a sign on it that says FREE and someone takes it.

Circle Nine:  You put it out on the sidewalk and no one takes it for 3 days so you throw it in the trash and feel super guilty about it.  Or, worse, bring it back in the house.

Oh, the shame.  Now, here’s a palette cleanser:

Didn’t buy:

Savings: Judging by the prices at this estate sale, I'm going to guess $75.

Savings: Judging by the prices at this estate sale, I’m going to guess $75.

Didn’t buy:

Saving: I didn't ask, but I'm gonna guess $3.  Hey, every little bit helps, right?  You KNOW I have a hard time resisting squirrel shaped things.

Saving: I didn’t ask, but I’m gonna guess $3. Hey, every little bit helps, right? You KNOW I have a hard time resisting squirrel shaped things.

Didn’t buy:

Chubby lady from Napoleon Dynamite:  "I want that."

Chubby lady from Napoleon Dynamite: “I want that.”


This box will set you FREE!

This is the box I’ve been putting out on the sidewalk for the last several weekends. It looks small but, over the years, we have managed to rid ourselves of quite a lot of stuff simply by putting it out on the sidewalk with a sign like this.

When I decided that I needed to improve my posture, I bought a pilates ball and put my old cheapo office chair out on the street with a “FREE” sign on it. Next morning, I woke up and THIS GUY was sitting in it.

Unfortunately, this does not happen every day. Of course, not every day does your house get made over on an HGTV show and the handsome and charming John Gidding hangs out front your house for two weeks, either.

Still, my goal is to fill this box up every weekend and put it out on the sidewalk and, hopefully, by the end of summer, I will have nothing left I can’t live without. Or something like that. Until it rains, I plan to do this. Do it until it hurts.

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Even though they were free…

… I drove right on past a huge box on the curb full of giant Halloween decoration spiders last night. Halloween being my all-time favorite holiday and being a fan of all things huge and tacky, this was a big accomplishment for me, I felt.

This is the “new me” that puts a box out on the curb every week with a sign that says “Free!!! (Please be tidy)” or “Free to a good home (or bad one, we don’t care!)” The “old me” would have came to a screeching halt and said, “I know we’re going to be late to your swimming lesson, tiny tot, but just LOOK at these spiders, they’re HUGE!” Nope, the new me drove on by. That is why there are no pictures in today’s post.

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