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Food that looks like body parts


I didn’t buy one because I don’t need to be eating donuts right now. I’m 4 lbs down and not looking back. But how cute, right? Not sure how much these babies go for but an egg and potato breakfast burrito is about half the calories and only $1.83. So, nothing saved except getting fat.


It looks like a shoulder and an arm cut off at the elbow, what were YOU thinking??? Get your mind out of the gutter!


I’m going to have a slumber party

…just so I can justify buying this.

Saved: $1000 in dental bills

Saved: $12.99 + $1000 in dental bills

Gawd this is cute.


Saved: $13.99 but it’s not like I don’t have to eat, you know??

Austin’s Central Market is going to be a seductive temptress with all its cheeses and olive bars and THESE.

We are from France

Often, when you find things made in France, it’s pretty natural to want to say, “Of course it’s from France.” Most of those things are obvious, like Serge Gainsborough and mayonnaise. But I will admit that this seemed to me much more of an American product so I was pretty surprised to see that little French flag on the label but there it was. And there it is.

Savings: 11.99 (a guess, I forgot to look) x 2.  Because you can't just buy one.

Savings: 11.99 (a guess, I forgot to look) x 2. Because you can’t just buy one.

This was at Target, prounounced “Tar-zhay!”, especially if you’re there to buy cake and whipped cream flavored vodka from France. Which I wasn’t. Don’t get me wrong. I like me some cake, and some whipped cream… and oh hell yeah I like vodka. But I was there to buy box wine. To take camping. Not even joking at all about that.

Shout out to one of my favorite (fake) things that was “from France”, the Coneheads:


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I find it hard to believe there are no GMOs involved in these watermelons.


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Guess what I didn’t order


Savings: $8.35/lb. And I’m guessing those pig balls are about a pound each.