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Boss lady.

I don’t know if I’ll ever need a “business lady work type dress” again but I still get attracted to them when I see them (while thrifting).  I didn’t try this on because that would be silly but I’m just going to imagine myself rocking this if I ever did.  I had to take pictures of it though because I just LOVE the design of this and I think someday I might totally knock one out myself – if said need should ever occur and I have approximately 2 months before that need is actualized.  See?  Taking pictures instead of buying stuff is therapy, and it’s working.


Saved: $10.99 and room in my closet for things I’ll never wear.  Even though I would totally wear it like a boss.


But look at that cool exposed zipper, right? I’d rock this, right?



I regret this

I’m proud of myself for passing on this Goodwill auction, but I sort of regret it too. Look at that shade of red. Some happy crafter is gloating over her find at this very moment, I’m sure. Still, if it means I don’t have to get a job, I’ll keep on whistling past the graveyard.  

Savings: unknown