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Contrary to popular belief…

Puerto Rico, despite facing bankruptcy, is not cheap at all. $30 for Smirnoff????

Savings: -$20 because I ended up finding a local vodka for $19.99 and bought that. Of course, vodka on vacation IS a nessessity so you could say I saved $10.


We are from France

Often, when you find things made in France, it’s pretty natural to want to say, “Of course it’s from France.” Most of those things are obvious, like Serge Gainsborough and mayonnaise. But I will admit that this seemed to me much more of an American product so I was pretty surprised to see that little French flag on the label but there it was. And there it is.

Savings: 11.99 (a guess, I forgot to look) x 2.  Because you can't just buy one.

Savings: 11.99 (a guess, I forgot to look) x 2. Because you can’t just buy one.

This was at Target, prounounced “Tar-zhay!”, especially if you’re there to buy cake and whipped cream flavored vodka from France. Which I wasn’t. Don’t get me wrong. I like me some cake, and some whipped cream… and oh hell yeah I like vodka. But I was there to buy box wine. To take camping. Not even joking at all about that.

Shout out to one of my favorite (fake) things that was “from France”, the Coneheads:


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That’s what they are for…

I saw this:

I know what you’re thinking. Why are you even LOOKING at ebay? Well, there’s this server here at work and whenever I send things to it, it just takes so long and I need something to do while I’m waiting… (blah blah blah). That’s my excuse and I’m stickin’ with it.

But isn’t it lovely? Should I? Should I?

I know, I’ll ask Stacey. She’s a voice of reason. She KNOWS things.

So I asked…


As you can see, she clearly thinks I should and will back me up when it shows up on my doorstep. So, I put in a bid.

For the record, I was outbid. By one penny. So, it qualifies for a blog post, right?

Savings: $30.45

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My grown-up dollhouse

This is Lois. She is my 1967 Aristocrat LoLiner and I love her so so much. Lois and I became acquainted in December and has been mostly parked in my driveway ever since. Aside from one white-knuckle drive to the mechanic’s shop about a month ago, she hasn’t gotten on the road yet.

Isn’t she pretty?

That’s about to change. Well, I hope it is… Just a little bit more wiring and our asses are ON THE ROAD and camping next freakin’ weekend. Fingers are crossed we get the signal lights working, since you kinda need those if your husband isn’t following behind you on speaker-phone the whole way (like the white knuckle event aforementioned).

We made a deal that we would not go buying stuff before our first trip – we’d take all that we needed from the house and see what we really ended up using, what we didn’t need, what we wished we’d had, and so forth. And THEN I can buy stuff to keep in Lois permanently.

I made one exception though and bought this awesome Ingrid party ball off Etsy the other day (even though Michael says he WONT do dishes while camping).

Spent: $30

What I DIDN’T buy though (they’re framed in glass anyway – glass in a camper = not a good idea).

Savings: $38.45

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I might still buy this…

What’s not to love?  A teeny grill for camping.   Of course, this falls into the category of stuff that M would need to have a say in, since he is: 1. The grill master, and 2.  The grill meister.

Savings: $33.99 + tax

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