Sorry Kate SpAde

But it doesn’t look like I am going to walk around with your name in the side of my face. Why must all glasses designers do this? It’s just plain old tacky. It’s like the guy I saw the other day with the Louis Vuitton tattoo on his neck. Dude, anyone can have that, it does NOT make you more classy that you know the logo of an expensive brand of ugly handbags, and, in your case, that shit is permanent. It just makes you look like you lost a mental battle against the false security of consumerism. So, I looked at some of these frames but, so help me, if the ones I like have a logo on the side, I’m removing it.

Anyway, safe for now as all these looked atrocious on me anyway, in these photos at least. Which is really worrysome because I thought they looked okay in the store.



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