Savings: $2.95 but then I had to buy a $6.95 card because it was the only thing approrpriate in all of CVS.

Savings: $2.95 but then I had to buy a $6.95 card because it was the only thing appropriate in all of CVS.


The problem with cards these days is there just isn’t a lot of selection.  There are 9999 cards for birthdays then only ONE card that said, basically, “goodbye from all of us” and that is the one you see here.  It’s not that it’s a bad card.  In fact it’s rather good in just that perfectly messed up way that my friends would like.

However, the person for whom this card was being purchased probably wouldn’t find it funny (even considering she occasionally wore her makeup similar to the guy in the top right corner).  But there just wasn’t a card for all occasions, or one that said, “You were the crazy old lady on our block who swept leaves all day, who would sometimes go through my neighbor’s mail and, often, rearrange people’s recycling.  There were some plants in our yards you just really hated so you felt it was your duty to just yank them down and sometimes you took it upon yourself to plant new ones for people too.  I even saw you peeking in my window once, you curious little monkey.  You were kinda racist and pretty blunt about just about every other topic (all-women-over-30-having-children-are-going-to-get-cancer ring a bell?) so a lot of people didn’t like you.  But now that you’re gone, we kind of miss you.  Or we don’t.  But here’s a card from us.” 

Nope, no cards that said that.

So I ponied up $6.95 for a fancy card that was more neutral.








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