Epic Goodwill trip

One might surmise that an opening of a Goodwill 4 blocks from my home is probably not such a good thing for someone trying not to buy more stuff.

And one might be right.

But fuck one.

I have a night off. My friend Lanchi, who is the mom of not ONE but TWO toddler boys has the night off.



(Disclaimer: I may have had some wine before writing this post.)

Some of our shopping highlights:

First off. Lanchi sent me a random IM yesterday about this “Comfy Cushion Gel Ass thing” she saw on Amazon or something and totally wanted and WOULD YOU BELIEVE IT??? She found one!! Talk about “putting what you want out in the universe and it will happen.” Don’t start with acupuncture for your cat though, hippie. Because I will poo poo that as long as I’m A-LIVE.

Then there’s this.  OH. MY. GOD.

Do I NOT know I’m 45 freaking years old and 4′ 11″ tall??????

This is some amazing silk organza number from Saks Fifth Avenue and YAH, I KNOW I have good taste.  The problem is…  I have no sense of self-awareness.  I still think I”m 19 years old and would ROCK this number.  Yeah, I can afford stuff now I could never afford when it would have looked amazingly cute on me.  Is that fair?  I would answer that but my 2 year old who should be asleep now is repeatedly screaming “I DON’T KNOW” from his crib and it’s kinda kinda distracting me at the moment.

Look at how cute it is (do not look at my roots that need do’in’.)


Seriously.  WHAT are you thinking woman?  Still… I love this dress.  Silk ORGANZA FUCKING RUFFLES.  If you are 20 years old and a size 2, RUN, do not walk, to the Goodwill on Macarthur at 35th RIGHT now and own this baby.  I will hate you but you’ll never know it, so WIN/Win, right?

Futility, recognized…

There were not ONE but TWO animatronic hamsters at this Goodwill and I bought NEITHER!!  Such a win. The best thing about this picture is the fact that my friend Lanchi totally thought I was just taking a picture of the hamsters and not her so she is just sort of looking off like, “is she done yet.”  This is probably my favorite photo from the day just for that reason.


We found matchy-matchy silver Mary Janes…. and didn’t buy them!  OMG, WHA?


Now, no one would accuse me of being a girl who buys a black overall dress with attached fanny pack (and live to tell about it) but I do admit to owning a pair of black velvet overalls which are remarkably similar. No fanny pack though.  WTF????


I know Norman Rockwell means well… but he may have missed the boat here with the scary clown.  Or am I just jaded against clowns?  I kinda wanted this plate, though, just to freak my friends out when serving dessert after a dinner party.

I also DIDN’T buy 3 cute puppy plates so that’s something, right?  Either way, I had a GREAT time with Lanchi.  Yeah,  I bought a few things but I had a great time so sue me.  It was worth it.



One thought on “Epic Goodwill trip

  1. nel says:

    oh gurl i know you love dem velvet overalls…. i have a similar pic of you from a few years back

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