There is a special face you make…

… that face you make – it’s completely involuntary – when you have to reach back into the garbage disposal which is full of too-old broccoli and cat barf. You know what I’m talking about – you can feel your upper lip creep up towards your nose and you imagine you start to look a little like Sandra Bernhard.

Sorry girl.

Sorry girl.

Well, I made that face I’m pretty sure, when I spied this (lying on top of a wedding dress, no less) at an estate sale. Did it put me off estate sales for good. Nope. An errant pube, perhaps.

Savings: crabs

Savings: crabs

You gotta hand it to those estate sale people though, they were working for every dime.

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One thought on “There is a special face you make…

  1. nel says:


    loving all these updates

    let’s hang out soon once my classes are over

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