Are you “middle aged”? Take this test and find out.

Do you remember “The Six Million Dollar Man” and its spin-off show, “The Bionic Woman”? If so, ding ding!!! You win! You are middle aged!!!

Personally, I liked the Bionic Woman better because, a. She was a woman, and b. Her name was “Jamie Summers”. I am not sure why, but I thought that name was BRILLIANT as a young lass. And that was enough for me.

Anyway, many TV shows in the 70s liked to, occasionally, do a “special” and “merge” between two related shows. I’m not sure if I’m using the right “TV” terms or if I’m using enough “quote marks.” Whatever. But, the Bionic Woman and Six Million Dollar (also, bionic, duh) Man had a “special” show featuring none other than the legendary Andre The Giant, done up all hirsute-like… and there he is “Sasquatch”. Yes, ATG is in the hizzouse. (Okay, nothing is more sad than a middle aged woman trying to channel Snoop Dog. NOTHING.)

Anyhooo… if you want to watch the single most horrible bit of 70s television acting (outside of Fonzi waterskiing over a shark, thus coining the phrase, “jumping the shark” to signify (according to Wikipedia) “the moment in the evolution of a television show when it begins a decline in quality that is beyond recovery”) watch this. I think the 6MD-Man and the B-Woman definitely jumped the shark here (actually, the B-Woman JUMPS the Sasquatch, for reals!). Andre, on the other hand, was just being himself.:

Which brings me to my point…

THIS exists.

Savings: $37.99

Savings: $37.99

And you better believe it requires ALL my powers of reason, maturity, sensibility, and restraint NOT to buy this.

I am awesome.

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One thought on “Are you “middle aged”? Take this test and find out.

  1. Teresa Hardy says:

    Why isn’t there a Jamie Summers figure??? Why????

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