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My friend Nir recently got a cat. Nir used to tease me about being a “crazy cat lady”. And yeah, well, he was kinda right…

…but I knew the day would come for him… He tends to obsess on things. Which is one thing I like about him, frankly. (Who needs stable friends??? I say bring on the unstable ones! So much more interesting.)

So, he finally got a cat. A very cute kitten named “Alpha” who pretty much owns him now. Witness: I got this from him recently (the annotations in red are just what I sent back to him):

And you know what? So far, I have NOT even followed the link. Seriously. Because I think that it’s not stuff for your cat’s hair or clothes for your cat – which, admittedly, I’d probably at least LOOK at. No, I think this is actually stuff MADE from cat hair. And that’s gross. Amiright?

Ha! My friend. So who is the crazy cat lady now???

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