Brush this way

So, I don’t know any Lady Gaga songs. I might hear them on the radio while I’m shopping at the CVS but wouldn’t know who sings them… that is, other than the one that some drag queen did a parody of, called “I Just Shit My Pants”. Someone sent the video to me. Probably my friend Brent but I don’t know who to blame, really.

(And, if you need to watch it… I’m a giver, here it is:)

So, if I was a big Lady Gaga fan, I’d probably need to buy this electric toothbrush that plays Lady Gaga songs. I’m guessing it plays for the amount of time that you should be brushing and when the song stops you can stop but I may be overthinking it.

I thought about buying it just to annoy Michael every morning (and some nights… yeah, whatever) but I couldn’t tell from the package if it played the song that inspired “I Just Shit My Pants” or not. Because wouldn’t it be great if I had a mouth full of toothpaste and was belting that out while Michael showered? Dang, I’d brush every night too, if I could do that.

In the end, sanity prevailed.

A story: Once, and please remember this was LONG ago, I had a toothbrush that would buzz after two minutes to let you know that you had brushed enough. I brushed my teeth once after enjoying some herbal refreshment and 2 minutes was like a million YEARS! So, I can only imagine what a Lady Gaga song would have done. I might have jumped out a window, not sure.

Savings: I forgot to look at the price but I’m sure I saved $SOMETHING.99.

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