This box will set you FREE!

This is the box I’ve been putting out on the sidewalk for the last several weekends. It looks small but, over the years, we have managed to rid ourselves of quite a lot of stuff simply by putting it out on the sidewalk with a sign like this.

When I decided that I needed to improve my posture, I bought a pilates ball and put my old cheapo office chair out on the street with a “FREE” sign on it. Next morning, I woke up and THIS GUY was sitting in it.

Unfortunately, this does not happen every day. Of course, not every day does your house get made over on an HGTV show and the handsome and charming John Gidding hangs out front your house for two weeks, either.

Still, my goal is to fill this box up every weekend and put it out on the sidewalk and, hopefully, by the end of summer, I will have nothing left I can’t live without. Or something like that. Until it rains, I plan to do this. Do it until it hurts.

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