You don’t even want to KNOW how much stuff like this I already have…

Sometimes, I just surf ebay for something to do when I have insomnia or am simply being lazy and there’s a pile of laundry to put away. I’ll search a theme just to see what I’m missing out on in the world. Naturally, after I bought my camper, camping itself became the theme and what a rich bounty of crap-you-can-find-and-convince-yourself-you-need is the world of camping.

And this only marginally falls into that category.

For years I’ve collected (what I think are) interesting vintage photos of people. I frame some and hang them around the house. In fact, there are only a very FEW framed pictures in my house of myself or other family members. But there are plenty of paintings and photos of random people doing random things. The randomer the better.

So, now that I have a “grown up dollhouse”, I thought I might put some pics up in the camper for fun. And that’s when I saw this:

Savings: $6.75


Don’t get me wrong, it WAS on my watch list for a while so I considered buying it. But in the end, I did not. Go ME!

I will always have this screenshot though, to remember it by.

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