OKAY, I DID buy this but I gave it away, does that count?

I guess the main point is to declutter my life, the secondary point is to save money. So, in that regard, I failed on the second point. And nearly failed on the first because I found this at an estate sale and quickly took a picture of it and sent it to my best friend Stacey in Colorado to ask if she wanted it (it seemed like “her”).

Spent: $20 (but gave away, so that’s okay, right?)

She didn’t write me back right away (what, you have a life or something???) and so I hesitated as it was $20. Not that she’s not worth $20 but what if she DIDN’T want it? I’d be stuck with it.

At this point, you might wonder what I’m doing at an estate sale in the first place when I’m trying to declutter but we’ll just ignore you for a while, k?

So, I bought it and took it home and just randomly decided to hang a nail and put it on the wall.

Then I started liking it.

Well, thankfully, I was headed out to Colorado that next week and Stacey wrote and said she wanted it or it would have stayed because it’s really quite cute. And I researched the artist and he’s still alive and something like 103 years old.

Friends, if you have one friend you love so much you don’t mind parting with things you love so long as you are giving them to her, that friend is a keeper.


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