10 Ways Target Is Robbing You | Joni Edelman

Sometimes, someone else just says it better…  All of this was embarrassingly true and for real.

via 10 Ways Target Is Robbing You | Joni Edelman.


I’ll just get the deluxe wash and wax please…

Seen on the wall in the restroom at the CAR WASH!!!!

Saved: Unknown

Saved: Unknown

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Neiman Marcus is just an asshole

There is a Nieman Marcus Last Call here in Austin and I made the mistake of going in. Like the Nieman Marcus in San Francisco’s Union Square used to always piss me off every day as I’d pass by their windows full of fur coats every winter, the “budget Neiman” did not fail to disgust me either. It’s not like no other stores sell fur but this is store selling the fur no one wanted at the real Neiman Marcus, which makes me sort of sick that this little bunny died for the UGLIEST SHOES EVER. Thanks for reminding me what an asshole you are, Neiman Marcus.


Saved: Nothing, wish I could have saved this poor rabbit though.

Really Nordstrom? What the?

Who thought an olive green Amish summer dress was going to be “a thing” this season. Who on this planet looks good in that?


I didn’t even look at the price but now I regret it since it was at Nordstrom, and right next to the line for the cafe, you know, the place where people stand forever waiting for lunch and it might be a good idea to have some NICE stuff there to entice people when they have had a glass of rose and are ready to impulse buy. Who makes the decisions around here, really?

Food that looks like body parts


I didn’t buy one because I don’t need to be eating donuts right now. I’m 4 lbs down and not looking back. But how cute, right? Not sure how much these babies go for but an egg and potato breakfast burrito is about half the calories and only $1.83. So, nothing saved except getting fat.


It looks like a shoulder and an arm cut off at the elbow, what were YOU thinking??? Get your mind out of the gutter!

Boss lady.

I don’t know if I’ll ever need a “business lady work type dress” again but I still get attracted to them when I see them (while thrifting).  I didn’t try this on because that would be silly but I’m just going to imagine myself rocking this if I ever did.  I had to take pictures of it though because I just LOVE the design of this and I think someday I might totally knock one out myself – if said need should ever occur and I have approximately 2 months before that need is actualized.  See?  Taking pictures instead of buying stuff is therapy, and it’s working.


Saved: $10.99 and room in my closet for things I’ll never wear.  Even though I would totally wear it like a boss.


But look at that cool exposed zipper, right? I’d rock this, right?


Shopping for Michael’s 40th birthday…

It’s true, he is… but it’s probably best kept to oneself…

Ended up leaving with just some balloons and some “Caution: 40th birthday party in progress” yellow tape.  Really, party stores are such harbingers of waste, can we all just agree on that?


Saved: $19.99

I can’t even…

Note:  Proudly printed in the USA.  Any guesses on where it’s actually MADE????  I almost want to buy one to find out.  But my Amazon “related items” is already fucked just for me having looked at this so I’ll pass.

Screen Shot 2015-08-05 at 8.21.30 PM

Saved: $6.99 to $8.99 and not looking like a douchebag

But, (pun intended)

who WOULN’T want to rest their baby soft derrière on this sweet hunk of padded vinyl. In “camouflage” brown, you just start winning, then keep winning some more.